OpenUtilities Substation Help

Selecting a Printer for the Print Dialog

You can work with either of two types of printer drivers: Windows driver or Bentley driver. The Print dialog printer list in the Printer and Paper Size section of the Print dialog lets you switch between the two types of printer drivers.

By default, the Display Labels of all found printer driver configuration files, plus a list of all Windows printers defined for the system are displayed in the Print dialog printer list. If you prefer to see the file names instead, you can adjust this using the MS_PRINTERLIST_VISIBILITY configuration variable.

The configuration variable MS_PRINTERLIST_SYSPRINTERS can be used to include/exclude Windows printer names in the printer list box. If set to "0", Windows printer names are not included in the Print dialog printer list.

Selecting Windows printer automatically loads the Windows printer driver configuration file (default is printer.pltcfg). Where required, you can select a Bentley driver.You can use the configuration variable MS_DEFAULT_PLTCFG_FILE to define a default printer driver configuration file to be selected each time the Print dialog is opened. The defined printer driver configuration file will be selected rather than the one you used last.

The Print button at the bottom of the Print dialog, duplicates the functionality of the Print icon on the toolbar and the File > Print menu item. When the currently selected print destination is a file instead of a Windows printer, IP address, or UNC share, the button changes to Print to File. The ellipses indicates that the button will bring up a file selection dialog.