OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Add Tools to a Task or Workflow

Custom tools and toolboxes are created in the left pane on the Tools tab in the Customize dialog. They are not created in tasks. Tasks can use overlapping sets of tools. Tools within tasks in the open DGN file can be moved or copied into another task in the open DGN file. You can reorder a task's tools and you can delete them from the task. You cannot rename or change the properties of these tools when they are in a task. If you want to see or change the properties of a tool used by a task, you can navigate to the tool's properties in the left pane.

Tasks can use custom tools that use element templates . You can set up templates to define how certain elements should be drawn and then associate them with custom drawing tools. For example, your company could create a set of templates for drawing different types of foundations. You could create custom tools for drawing each foundation with each of the templates. Then your company could group all the custom tools into a "Foundations" task that is accessible to all employees. Creating templates increases consistency in drawings. Associating templates with custom tools within tasks makes the templates easily accessible.

  1. In the Customize dialog ( File > Settings > Configuration > Customize ) on the Tools tab, expand the Tasks tab.
  2. Expand the User Tasks section and expand the open DGN library.

  3. Select the task or workflow to which you want to add the tool.
  4. Do one of the following:

    Click and drag a tool from the open DGN file's toolboxes, a DGN library toolbox, or the Application Tools' toolboxes in the left pane to the selected task or workflow on the Tasks tab.


    Click and drag a tool from a DGN library task or the Application tasks in the right pane to the selected task or workflow on the Tasks tab.