OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Insert a Keyframe in the Open Script

  1. From the Animation Producer dialog, select Tools > Named KeyFrames.

    The Animation KeyFrames dialog opens.

  2. Do one of the following:

    In the list box, double-click the keyframe to insert.


    Select the keyframe to insert and click the Script button.

    The Script KeyFrame dialog opens.

  3. In the Frame Number field, key in the desired frame number for the keyframe.
  4. From the Interpolation option menu, choose one of the following to specify the type of path the elements follow when moving to this keyframe:

    Linear — The path followed between keyframes is a straight line. In most cases, this results in a jerky, unnatural motion.

    Spline — A curve is fitted to the path between keyframes, which results in a smoother, more natural motion.

  5. From the Velocity option menu, choose one of the following to specify the manner in which the elements' speed varies as they move to this keyframe:

    Constant — The elements move at a constant velocity to this keyframe.

    Accelerate — Movement starts at zero velocity and moves to this keyframe with constant acceleration, as if it is initially at rest and is acted on by a constant force.

    Decelerate — Motion starts with a velocity that declines to zero at this keyframe, as if the object is initially moving and is acted on by a constant opposing force.

    Accelerate-Decelerate — The elements start at rest, accelerate until halfway to this keyframe, and then decelerate to rest at this keyframe.

    Infinite — The elements “jump” instantaneously to their position in this keyframe.

    Custom — Where it is intended to modify the velocity curve later, inserts a default velocity curve (Constant) for the script entry.

  6. Click OK.

    A new script entry for the keyframe is inserted in the open script in the Animation Producer dialog.