OpenUtilities Substation Help

DGN WorkSet and WorkSet Configuration Files

In the process of creating a WorkSet, a WorkSet Configuration File (<worksetname>.cfg) and a DGN WorkSet file (<worksetname>.dgnws) are created. The DGN WorkSet file contains WorkSet properties, custom properties, WorkSet sheet index, and the WorkSet Link Set. The WorkSet properties can be Workset Name, WorkSet Description, and so on. Custom properties are properties that you add in the Create WorkSet dialog. These properties are then copied to the DGN file when it is opened. The DGN WorkSet files also store the sheet index and link set of the WorkSet. These files have the extension .dgnws and are saved in the ..\Configuration\WorkSpaces\<WorkSpaceName>\WorkSets\ folder. Each WorkSet Configuration File (.cfg) has a corresponding DGN WorkSet file (.dgnws).

Projects created in previous editions of OpenUtilities Substation need to be upgraded to WorkSets. Use the following steps to upgrade a set of .pcf files to WorkSets (.cfg) using key-in:
  1. Open the WorkSpace into which you want the WorkSets to be created. If you do not have a WorkSpace, create a new one.
  2. Redirect the WorkSpace's WorkSpace location to the folder that holds your .pcf files. You can do this by setting _USTN_WORKSETSROOT configuration variable.
  3. Open any DGN file in that WorkSpace.
  4. In the key-in window, execute the key-in PROJECT UPGRADEALLTOWORKSETS.
  5. Select File > Close. The Work page displays the upgraded WorkSets in the drop-down list.
The upgrade process creates the following:
  1. Creates a WorkSet Configuration File (.cfg file) from the .pcf file.
  2. All occurrences of the word "PROJECT" in Configuration Variables are renamed with "WORKSET".
  3. Creates a .dgnws file and stores WorkSet properties in it.
  4. The Configuration Variable _USTN_PROJECTDESCR is deprecated. Its value is read from the .pcf file and inserted as a property WorkSet Description in the .dgnws file.
  5. A Sheet Index is inserted in the .dgnws file.
To manually upgrade your Projects (.pcf files) to WorkSets (.cfg files):
  1. Select a WorkSpace that the Projects should be part of. Alternatively, create a new WorkSpace.
  2. Copy the Project files (.pcf) to the WorkSpace's WorkSets folder and change their file extension to .cfg.
  3. Edit each WorkSet.cfg file as follows:
    • Find the word "PROJECT" and replace it with "WORKSET"
  4. When you start OpenUtilities Substation , the Work page displays the upgraded WorkSets in the drop-down list. Note, a .dgnws file will be created automatically for every WorkSet.