OpenUtilities Substation Help

I/O Text Definition

The I/O Text Definition dialog enables you to set rack and module numbers, the address numbers, and function text for each point on the PLC parent symbol module.

Accessed when:
  • A Device ID is assigned when placing a symbol such as a PLC.

Rack Enter a number value in the field.
Module/Slot Enter a number value in the field.
Import I/O Text When this option is selected, entries for the Function Text fields will be taken from an external file. This filename is specified in the PLC Import File fields of the Project Options PLC dialog.
Address In the Address fields, it is only necessary to enter an address in the first field. Press <Enter> to automatically assign the other addresses (you must have the Automatic Addressing check-box selected under project Options in the PLC dialog). The remaining addresses will be filled in automatically, continuing from the first. The separator character used in word/bit addresses is also specified in the project Options PLC dialog in the Input or Output Card Format fields.
Function Text In each Function Text field you can enter descriptive text.