OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Modify an Entity (Face, Edge or Vertex) of a Solid

  1. Select the Modify Solid tool.

  2. Select the target solid.

    The solid highlights.

  3. As per your requirement, do one of the following :
    To Modify Select
  4. Select the entity (face, edge or vertex) to modify.

    The entity highlights.

    Tip: If you want to select a hidden face, reset until the required face highlights. The faces that are behind the pointer get selected one after another with each reset.

    Selecting a hidden face using reset.

    Note: AccuDraw orients the drawing plane perpendicular to the last selected face so the Y and Z axes are coplanar (to the face), and the push-pull is along the X axis.
  5. (Optional) If modifying a face of a solid, turn on Distance and enter the desired value or use the Variable link to set it from the available variables in the Variables dialog.
  6. (Optional) If modifying a face of a solid, select the Mode.

    Offset keeps the extrusion parallel to the adjacent faces. Whereas, Move lets you extrude in a freeform style.

  7. Move the pointer to define the direction of the modification.

    If Distance is off, the pointer defines both the direction and the distance of the modification.

  8. Enter a data point to modify the solid.

    Modifying the face of a solid. Left: Distance = Off, Mode = Offset | Right: Distance = Off, Mode = Move.

    Modifying a curved face of a solid.

    Modifying an edge of a solid.

    Modifying a vertex of a solid.