OpenUtilities Substation Help

Digitizing Tablet Menus

You can use the following types of digitizing tablet menus with OpenUtilities Substation :

  • Tablet menus contain menu blocks of varying shapes and sizes. Tablet menus are sometimes referred to as "paper menus" because they exist in printed form or "command menus" to make a distinction that no longer applies. To use a digitizing tablet menu you must first print it and attach the printed output to the surface of the digitizing tablet. A maximum of four tablet menus can be simultaneously attached.

    At top, a sample tablet menu. At bottom, the action strings for this menu on a separate level.

    The tablet cursor button designated as the Command button is used to select a menu item in a menu block.

  • Cursor button menus assign actions to the tablet cursor buttons that are not assigned as the Command, Data, 3D Data, Reset, Tentative, or 3D Tentative buttons.

The product is supplied with several tablet menus.