OpenUtilities Substation Help

Saving and Backing Up Your Work

With regard to saving your work, OpenUtilities Substation saves each change to the active model in the open DGN file — that is, your drawing — as it is made. You need only "manually" save changes to DGN file settings.

Note: User preference settings are available to change OpenUtilities Substation ’s operation with regard to saving design changes and DGN file settings changes.
Note: A floppy disk icon is shown in the status bar while there are unsaved changes.
Note: Choosing Save while Untitled#.dgn is open has the same effect as choosing Save As.
Note: If the preference Automatically Save Design Changes is on (the default) in the Operation category of the Preferences dialog, OpenUtilities Substation saves design changes automatically. You can control the frequency of automatic saves by setting the configuration variable MS_DGNAUTOSAVE in the Configuration Variables dialog ( File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration Variables ).

"Save As" and Backup

When you choose Save As from the File tab, you can save the open DGN file with a different name, in a different directory, on a different drive. OpenUtilities Substation also closes the open DGN file and opens the newly saved DGN file.

Note: BACKUP is a key-in.
Tip: You can specify a different default so that keying in BACKUP creates a backup copy in a different directory, on a different drive, or even on a drive connected to a different system on your network. Here are some examples:
To, by default Set the configuration variable MS_BACKUP to
Save backups in the "/temp" directory "/temp"
Give backups the extension ".tmp" ".tmp"
Any part of a file specification included in a BACKUP key-in overrides the corresponding part of MS_BACKUP.