OpenUtilities Substation Help

Windows Printer Driver

The Bentley Windows printer driver configuration files are named printer.pltcfg and interplot.pltcfg. This section describes the properties that are in printer.pltcfg and interplot.pltcfg.

The printer driver (interplot.pltcfg) is identical to printer.pltcfg, except that interplot.pltcfg has Default Send to InterPlot Server = True and weight maps configured for weight 1 = 1 dot, weight 2 = 2 dots, etc. This printer driver is intended as a convenience for users who want to send print jobs to an InterPlot Server.

The properties for printer.pltcfg and interplot.pltcfg appear in the Windows Printer category on the Base Properties tab in the Printer Driver Configuration dialog.