OpenUtilities Substation Help

Managing Symbols and Symbol Catalogs Overview

Symbol Catalogs and Directories

Symbols, macros and device families for a given type of application or drawing format are organized into symbol catalogs, also known as symbol libraries. There are available catalogs for ANSI-IEEE (electrical), IEC (electrical), ISA (process control), hydraulic, pneumatic and various other symbols.

Symbol Catalog Path

The catalog path determines which catalogs are available when creating projects. The catalog path is set in the OpenUtilities Substation New Project dialog. The first directory named in this path is the directory where all newly created symbols will be stored. Edit the path statement if you wish symbols to be stored in a different directory.

You can view and edit the symbol catalog path in the OpenUtilities Substation Modify Project dialog. There is a Modify Catalog Path button in the Catalog Manager toolbar that will take you to the Setup dialog. You can also select the OpenUtilities Substation Modify Project toolbar button in the Project Manager.