OpenUtilities Substation Help

Manage External File Links

The Manage External File Links function lets the user define files on his system that are to be included with the published output.

Accessed when:

Once the external files have been defined, the file type (DOC, PDF, XLS) must be included in the Build Order in order to include them with the output. Documents created outside of OpenUtilities Substation can be included in the published output. These could be specifications, procedures, etc. The publisher allows the user to include these in the same folder with the published output. The following file types are allowed:

  • MS-Word documents
  • PDF documents
  • MS-Excel (XLS) files

Add (+) Adds an external file to the published material. The Open dialog will appear. Use this dialog to browse to the desired file. Select the filename (or a group of files) and select the Open button. The selected file(s) will be listed in the Project Publisher.
Remove (X) Removes the selected file from the external link set.
Import To import a saved list of external links, select the Import button. The Open dialog will appear. Browse to the desired .lst file and select the Open button. The contents of the selected file will be added to the list of external links in the Project Publisher.
Export If you wish to save your list of external links in a separate file, select the Export button. The Save As dialog will appear, allowing you to select a folder, enter a filename and save the file. This file will have a .lst extension. You will then be able to import this saved list in future Publisher work sessions. This is useful if you have a list of links you wish to use with multiple projects.