OpenUtilities Substation Help

Setting Up to Digitize

  1. Create a DGN file and model.
  2. Set up appropriate working units.
  3. Set up appropriate views. It is recommended that you set up one of the views to encompass the entire drawing.
  4. (Optional) Partition the digitizing tablet surface.
  5. Mount the hard copy to be digitized on the surface of the tablet. (Tape works well for mounting.) Locate the features you will be mapping to the DGN file over the digitizing partition, not over the screen partition.
  6. Place monument points that associate known points (of your choosing) on the hard copy with points in the design plane.
  7. Select File > Save Settings (or press <ctrl+F>) to save the working units, view configuration, and the relationships specified by monument points, digitizer partitioning and setup.
  8. Use any OpenUtilities Substation drawing tool to trace the hard copy image.