OpenUtilities Substation Help

Export to DWG

The Export to DWG dialog enables you to save aOpenUtilities Substation drawing as a .DWG file for use outside of OpenUtilities Substation . This exported file could be used, for example, to show a drawing to someone who is not directly working on the project; therefore, do not use the Export to DWG function to create files that you wish to use later. Use the Copy Page function to make copies of pages for use inside OpenUtilities Substation . The Export to DWG function is similar to the page Save As function except that it is limited to the DWG format. The Export to DWG function also allows you to export multiple pages in one step.
Warning: Use the Export to DWG function only for DWG files that will be used outside of OpenUtilities Substation . The logical information for the DWG file that is created with this function will not be saved in the project database and therefore will not work with the OpenUtilities Substation logical functions (error checking, cross referencing, etc.). It will only be a graphical view of the drawing page.

Export To Use the Browse button to locate the directory where the exported drawing is to be stored.
DWG Version Select the DWG format to use.