OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Add a Sheet to the Sheet Index

Tip: This procedure explains adding sheet models from another file into the sheet index. To add a sheet model from the active file, open the sheet index in editing mode and simply drag the sheet model from the Models dialog into the Explorer dialog Sheet Index tab.
  1. In the Explorer dialog Sheet Index tab, select the sheet index or the folder in the sheet index to which you want to add the sheet.
  2. Click Open Sheet Index for Edit to open the sheet index in editing mode.

  3. Click Add Sheet.

    The Add Sheet dialog opens.

  4. In the Add Sheet dialog, select the DGN file that contains the sheet model and click OK.

    The next Add Sheet dialog opens which lists the sheet models available for being added to the sheet index.

  5. Select the sheet that you want to add to the sheet index.
  6. (Optional) To select more than one sheets, press <Ctrl> and select the sheets.
  7. Click OK.