OpenUtilities Substation Help

Using a 1:1 Scale Border

With manual drafting, you have a full-size drawing sheet into which you place scaled views of your design. With OpenUtilities Substation , you can do the same thing, except that you draw the original design at full-size and then scale it, as a reference, to fit the border.

For this method, first you create a sheet model with the sheet layout set to full size. Into this model you reference your standard border (at full scale). Within the confines of this border you then reference the designs at the required scales. All text and dimensioning are placed in the sheet model at full size. Next, use the Define Sheet Boundary tool to attach the referenced border to the sheet boundary. Then if you change the annotation scale, the sheet border will also be scaled.

When printing, you print the sheet at full size. The border and text will print at their normal size while the design elements will print to the scale at which they were referenced to the sheet model. If you use this method to create your drawings, because they are all plotted at the same scale, it is very simple to use to print sets of drawings in one step.