OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Adjust Render Settings to Render Images in Effects Manager

  1. Create and apply a Saved View so that the desired portion of the design is always displayed and the view attributes are as desired.
  2. Make the desired settings in the Environment Manager dialog.
    Note: It is recommended that you set Indirect field to Main. Here, two images will be processed, one where everything but indirect is visible and one where only indirect light from the environment is processed.
  3. Select the desired light settings from the defined light setups in the Light Manager dialog.
    Note: No image is rendered for ambient lighting.
  4. (Optional) Create named groups for lights sources.

    This will reduce the number of images to be rendered.

  5. Select a render setup and make changes for the desired settings in Render Setup Manager dialog. Change the Indirect Caustics option to Both. Having Indirect Caustics set to None will prevent any indirect light from passing through the windows. In most interior renderings where light passes through glass you will want to have at a minimum Refractive Caustics set so that indirect light will pass through the glass.
    Note: It is recommended that you enable Render Visible Edges and Remove Smooth Edges in the Render Setup Manager dialog.
    Tip: You may decide to illuminate the scene with just one or two lights and this would require more irradiance rays (say 1000 or so) to get an acceptable (less noisy) result than a case where you have numerous light sources.
  6. Open the Material Editor dialog and change the glow value for any glow material to zero. You need to turn off all glow materials that are assigned to any model in the opened file to prevent rendering of a black image.
  7. Click the Render Image Set icon in the Effects Manager dialog to render the light images with your adjustments.