OpenUtilities Substation Help

Features that Work with Bentley Cloud Services

There are a number of enhanced features that you can use when you are connected with Bentley Cloud Services. The following table lists each feature and its behavior when you are signed in from the CONNECTION Client and when you are offline.

Feature Behavior when signed in Behavior offline
i-models publishing Ability to share your published i-models on the cloud. Publish only to file.
Print PDF Ability to share your printed PDFs on the cloud. Save PDFs locally.
ProjectWise Project Ability to assign ProjectWise Project to a WorkSet. Create WorkSets but cannot assign ProjectWise Project.
Bentley CONNECT Advisor Ability to browse, search, view, and interact with content from different sources such as Bentley Communities, Bentley LEARNserver, and Bentley YouTube channels. Feature not available.
Issue Resolution Service View and manage issues registered as punch list items. Feature not available.
ContextShare Browser Ability to stream reality data. Feature not available.
Bing Maps Background Map Display Bing Maps imagery. Feature not available.