OpenUtilities Substation Help

Creating a Visual Presentation for a Civil Project

  1. Create a DGN file and create a 3D design model in it.

    This model is your Visualization Master.

  2. Attach all 3D models into the master design model.
  3. Set up basic solar lighting.
  4. Add material and texture to surfaces.
  5. Do one of the following:

    Use the Stencil 2D Elements on 3D Geometry tool to add pavement markings using 3D elements.


    Use the Stencil into 3D Reference tool to add pavement markings using 2D elements.

  6. Place cells or RPCs such as trees, light poles, signage, and so to populate the landscape.
  7. Add lanes and some moving vehicles to the scene.

    This can also be used for still renders.

  8. Render or animate the scene.