OpenUtilities Substation Help

Job Monitor Dialog

Used to display the progress of your distributed rendering tasks.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Process Controller tray icon: right-click and select Open Job Monitor

Resume Job

Resumes the selected job if it has been canceled.
Cancel Job

Cancels the selected job(s).
Group (filter) Filter out jobs that are not targeted at the selected group.

Cancels and deletes the selected job(s).
Refresh icon

Refreshes the Current Jobs section.
Priority Controls the order in which jobs are processed. By default, all jobs have 100 Priority. Click on this column for an entry to edit its priority. If jobs have equivalent priority, jobs are processed in order of submission time.
Title Title of the job (usually its output file name).
Status The status of a job:
  • None — the job has not started.
  • InProgress — the job is being worked on by at least one processor.
  • Canceled — the job has been canceled by a user; it may still be resumed.
  • Complete — the job has finished successfully.
% Percentage of the job that is complete.
User Name The user that submitted the job.
Group The group that the job targets.
Processors tab Displays the processors that have worked on the selected job.
Computer Name Name of the machine the processor is from.
MSP# Process ID of the processor.
Status Status of a processor:
  • None — the processor has not started.
  • InProgress — the processor is working on the job.
  • Complete — the processor has finished working on the job.
  • Canceled — the processor stopped working on the job due to a cancellation message from the user.
  • Error — this does not mean the job will fail, only that this processor was unable to work on the job for some reason.
  • Warning — there was a potential problem during the processing of the job.
Message Status message from the processor.
Last Update The last time the processor sent an update to the Distributed Processing message system.
Details tab Displays more information about the selected job and contains the following sections:
  • General section contains information about the job’s status, submission time, submitter, start time and end time.
  • Information section contains information about the job that will be submitted to its processors. It is primarily used for debugging.
  • Custom Information section contains extra information needed for different varieties of jobs. It is primarily used for debugging.
Log tab Contains any messages sent by the processors working on the job.