OpenUtilities Substation Help

Using Standard Tools to Manipulate References

You can manipulate a reference with the standard manipulation tools such as Move, Copy, Rotate, and Scale. That is, the reference attachment is treated as an element for the purpose of the manipulation.

When you attach references, you can choose to enable the Treat Attachment as Element for Manipulation setting, or you can enable/disable it later by clicking on the relevant column in the References dialog. When the setting is:

  • On — you can manipulate a reference by snapping to any of its elements, or its boundary.
  • Off — you can manipulate a reference only by snapping to its boundary.

The reference’s clip boundary can be manipulated even if the Treat Attachment as Element for Manipulation setting is off. You can do this by turning on the Boundary Display setting in the View Attributes dialog and selecting the boundary. However, in this case the boundary should be selected only by using the Element Selection tool and not by dragging or fence selection. Refer to using handles for details on how to use the handles for manipulation.