OpenUtilities Substation Help

Task Navigation Workflow

The default tasks delivered with previous OpenUtilities Substation V8i releases are now stored in the V8iTasks.dgnlib file in the MicroStation's program directory's ..\Default\GUI\Archive\en folder. You can activate the V8i Task Theme from the Select V8i Mode drop-down in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Overflow Group

If your Task Navigation workflow has many containers, such that they do not fit in the number of tabs, then some of the containers are combined into a group called "Overflow" group. The number of groups before the Overflow group is controlled by the MS_RIBBON_NUMEXPANDEDTASKGROUPS configuration variable.

Switching Between Tasks in a Task Navigation Workflow

There are multiple ways to switch between tasks in a Task Navigation workflow:
  1. While in the Task Navigation workflow, click the Select Task picker in the Quick Access Toolbar to display the tasks and then Select the desired task.
  2. Using keytips - Press <F2> and then <2>. The Select V8i mode in the Quick Access Toolbar expands. Select the desired task in it.
  3. Using key-in - The TASK MENU key-in opens a pop-up menu at the cursor listing all the tasks in the Task Navigation workflow. You can select the desired task from the pop-up menu.
  4. Using assigned keys or buttons - You can assign the TASK MENU key-in to a keyboard shortcut, function key or button. Then when you press the key or button, the tasks are listed as a pop-up menu at the cursor.