OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Draw a Ladder

The Draw Ladder function allows the user to create ladder wires quickly.
  1. Select Draw Ladder from the Wiring Tools Group.
    Note: For ANSI-IEEE drawings the rung wires will be drawn horizontally. For IEC format drawings, these wires will be drawn vertically.

    User will be prompted to Select Ladder Top-Left Point for the ladder.

  2. Click on the point that will be the top of the left-hand vertical wire (ANSI) or the left end of the top horizontal wire (IEC). User is then prompted to Select Ladder Bottom-Right Point.
  3. Click on the point that will be the bottom of the right-hand vertical wire (ANSI) or the right end of the bottom horizontal wire (IEC). A box will appear on the screen to indicate the area that will hold the wires.
  4. Next, the user is prompted to determine the Space between ladder rungs <1>. This is the space between the rung wires. The default value is 1 inch (ANSI) or 5 mm. (IEC). Enter a different value if desired. Then either right click or press the <Enter> key. The wires then will be drawn automatically.