OpenUtilities Substation Help


In OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition, the setup configuration file "Setup.xml" has been replaced with the new CONNECT Configuration system which consists of configuration files that utilize configuration variables. This change allows you to:

  • Define WorkSet templates to create new projects with desired standards.
  • Share WorkSets with multiple Bentley products to support multi-discipline collaboration.
  • Enjoy complete flexibility by setting configuration variables at the system, organization, WorkSpace, WorkSet, Role, or User levels of the configuration system to optimize your workflows and ensure standardization.


Term Definition
Configuration The overall usage of Configuration Files and Configuration Variables.
Organization Level The grouping of Configuration Files and Configuration Variables that are used across an entire organization.
WorkSpace A container grouping WorkSets, standards files, and associated Configuration Files.
WorkSet The grouping of files and associated data.
Project A WorkSet configured to connect to a OpenUtilities Substation SQL Server project database.

Folder Structure Differences

In OpenUtilities Substation V8i the dataset was stored in the "Substation Data" folder. In CONNECT, the dataset is now located here:

Local Disk\ProgramData\Bentley\Bentley Substation CONNECT Edition\Configuration