OpenUtilities Substation Help

Dockable Dialogs

To gain more screen space, there are many dialogs that you can dock to the edges of the product’s application window.

List of Dockable Dialogs

The following is the list of dockable dialogs, and which edges they can be docked to:

Note: The way in which you dock one of these dialogs is different from the way in which you dock a toolbox.

Other Dialogs That Can Be Docked

The following dialogs are also dockable, however their docking behavior follows the standard docking behavior for toolboxes:

Dialogs That Are Docked by Default

When you start the product for the first time and open a file, certain dockable dialogs are already docked. This is because the product delivers a docking preference file that defines which dialogs are docked by default, and where. As you make changes related to the location of docked dialogs, that information is saved in your personal docking preference file, rather than in the delivered default docking preference file. For details, see Docking Preferences for Docked Dialogs.