OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Modify Multiple Entities (Faces, Edges or Vertices) of a Solid Simultaneously

  1. Select the Modify Solid Entity tool.
  2. As per your requirement, do one of the following :
    To Modify Select
  3. Select a solid. Entities of the solids highlight (as per the selected icon) for selection as you hover on them.
  4. Enter a data point to select an entity.

    The push-pull effects are dynamically displayed.

  5. Hold the <Ctrl> key and select another entity on the solid.
    Notice that you can modify both the selected entities simultaneously.

    Left: Modifying two faces simultaneously / Right: Modifying two vertices simultaneously

  6. Keep holding the <Ctrl> key and select one more entity on the solid.
    You will still be able to modify all the selected entities simultaneously.

    Modifying three edges simultaneously

  7. (Optional) Release the <Ctrl> key, and Reset.

    Another entity (the one hidden at the back) is selected replacing the last one selected previously.

  8. (Optional) Reset again to deselect the last selected entity.
  9. Move the cursor to adjust the dynamic modification graphically or if modifying faces, use the Distance setting.
  10. Enter a data point to accept the modifications.