OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Create a New Wiring Diagram

  1. Create a new page and select the Wiring Diagram Mode for the drawing mode (you can also switch an existing page to Wiring Diagram Mode).
  2. Select the Insert Symbol by Device ID to display the Insert Symbol/Macro dialog.
    Note: When working on a wiring diagram page, there is one additional check box, Always Place Wiring Diagram Chart , which you can select if you wish to place charts instead of wiring diagram symbols.
  3. Select one or more items to place in the drawing (hold down the <Shift> or <Ctrl> keys to select more than one item), then select the Place Symbols button.
  4. If you select more than one item, you can place them as a group. You can make settings to determine how symbols are placed as a group. To do this, select the Group Settings link in the lower left corner of the Insert Symbol/Macro dialog.
    Note: Do not use the Use X, Y from Parts database option in the Group Settings dialog. The X and Y values in the parts database represent the footprint of the panel layout symbol only.
  5. You will be prompted to pick an insertion point in the drawing. Click on the desired point. The symbol or chart will appear.
  6. The Symbol Text dialog will appear if the symbol includes any symbol text. Make any desired changes to the displayed text. You can clear the Visible check box for a text if you wish it to be hidden in the drawing.
  7. If connection information does not appear at the wiring diagram symbol, you can select the Update Wiring Diagram function. The Update Wiring Diagram dialog will appear. This dialog allows you to select the pages that will be updated. There are also check boxes that allow you to include (by selecting the check box) or exclude (by clearing the check-box) Terminals/Plugs , Devices and Cable Cross References. Select OK to update the drawing with connection information.
  8. If you wish the connection information to appear automatically as you place symbols, you can select the Dynamically Update Connections check box in the Wiring Diagram Settings dialog ( Devices tab).