OpenUtilities Substation Help

(Technology Preview) To Create a New WMTS Attachment

  1. From the Raster Manager File menu, choose New > WMTS.

    The WMTS Map Editor dialog displays.

  2. Click on Servers… to select or add a URL for a WMTS Server.

    The Servers Manager dialog displays.

  3. In the Servers Manager dialog, select a server in the list.

    When selected, the connection to the server will be made and the Server settings in the dialog will update with the currently selected server information.

  4. Click OK to dismiss the Servers Manager dialog.
  5. In the WMTS Map Editor dialog, select the desired layers in the Available Layers list and click Add to Map.
  6. In the Settings section of the WMTS Map Editor dialog, change the settings if required, then click Save and Attach.

    The New WMTS File dialog displays.

  7. Choose a location and enter a File name for the new WMTS, then click Save.

    The Raster Attachment Options dialog displays.

  8. Edit the required options and click Attach.

    The newly created WMTS file is now attached.