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Supported Raster Image File Types in DWG Workmode

The following table lists the raster file formats supported in DWG workmode:

Type Description and versions File extension
BMP Windows and OS/2 bitmap format .bmp, .dib
CALS-1 Mils-R-Raster I .Gp4, .mil, .rst, .gc4, .cal
ECW ERMapper Compressed Wavelet format .ecw
FLI FLI Animation File Format .fli
JFIF / JPEG Joint Photograpics Expert Group .jpg, .jpeg
Georeferenced TIFF Georeferenced TIFF File Format .tif
GIF Compuserve GIF .gif
INGR TIFF Intergraph TIFF File Format .tif
PCX Picture PC Paintbrush Picture .pcx
PNG Portable Network Graphic Run-Length Compressed .png
RLC Run-Length Compressed .rlc
TARGA True Vision Raster-Based Data Format .tga
TIFF Tagged Image File Format .tif, .tiff
CAUTION: ECW files do not support Rotation and Affinity transformations.