OpenUtilities Substation Help


The ANNOTATIONSCALE ADD and ANNOTATIONSCALE REMOVE key-ins are used to add and remove annotation scales to and from existing annotation cells, dimensions, text elements, text nodes, notes, detailing symbols, hatches, patterns, tags, and line styles. For line styles, this applies only to those that are cosmetic, not physical, and whose Line Style Scale is set to Annotation Scale in the Properties dialog. These key-ins also can be used on annotations inside a cell or in a shared cell.

The ANNOTATIONSCALE SELECT ELEMENT key-in scans the active model and selects all elements that use annotation scale. In other words, it selects all elements whose “Is Annotation” property is true.

The ANNOTATIONSCALE CHANGE key-in is used to change the annotation scale of existing annotations. It allows you to set separate annotation scale to individual annotations.