OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Export a View to a VRML World File

  1. Open a 3D file in OpenUtilities Substation .
  2. Select File > Export > Visualization File Types > VRML (*.vrml) .
  3. To select a view to export, enter a data point.

    The Export VRML World File dialog opens.

  4. Modify the settings as desired and then click Export.

    The Export VRML World dialog opens, which is a standard file destination dialog. By default, the file is saved with the same filename as the open DGN file and with the extension ".wrl." The default destination location is ..\out folder of the active WorkSet.

  5. To save the file, click OK in the VRML World dialog.
    Tip: If some curved surfaces do not appear in your exported file, you should try turning off Export Surface Normals and export the file again.