OpenUtilities Substation Help

Balloon Settings

The Balloon page allows you to make settings that determine how balloons appear in various drawing types. A balloon is a number that marks an item in a panel layout or other type of drawing. The number corresponds to that item's position in the bill of materials list.

Balloon Numbering By Select whether the balloon numbering will be unique across the entire project, across each installation or across each location. There is also a selection installation+location which allows balloon numbers to be duplicated if either the installation or location is different.
Remove All Balloons Removes all assigned balloon numbers in the project. This will delete the balloons in the drawings and remove the item numbers from the project database.
Balloon Settings
  • Scale Balloon radius and text by page scale - Enable this if you wish the balloon circle radius and text size to be scaled according the page scale of the page on which the balloon is placed.
  • Display Separate Balloons for Quantified Parts - Enable this if you wish the balloon to be displayed multiple times for symbols that have a part number assigned with a quantity greater than one.
  • Use balloon numbers from parts database - The user has the ability to define a balloon number in the Parts Database Manager. When this option is enabled, whenever a part number is assigned, the corresponding balloon number is automatically assigned as well.

Stacked Balloons

When multiple balloons need to be stacked together, OpenUtilities Substation uses the 2r value to determine the spacing for the balloons. Thus, additional balloon(s) are placed (stacked) as shown below:

Circle and Ellipse balloons are stacked as shown below: