OpenUtilities Substation Help

Standard Reports

The following pre-configured reports are provided with the software.

Bill of Materials (Itemized) Itemized bill of material.
Bill of Materials (Quantified) Quantified bill fo material.
Cable List List of cables.
Dimension List Calculates total are, maximum depth and total weight of components used in project.
Family List Lists of device families.
Field Wire List List of cables, including connections of each conductor.
Installations List of installations in a project.
Job Costing Calculated cost of project including material, assembly, wiring time and mark-up.
Manufacturers Parts A list of the parts records in the parts database.
Macros List of macros in the symbol catalog.
Page Formats Lists of available drawing page formats.
Page List A table of contents of the project, listing all pages.
PLC List A list of PLC modules in the project.
Symbols A list of symbols in the symbol catalog.
Terminal strips A list of terminal strips in the project.
Terminals A list of terminal strips in the project showing connections of each terminal.
Wire Links A list of wire link cross references in the project.
Wire List A list of wires including wire number, gauge, color and From/To connection information.
Wire Labels A list of wiree numbers which can be printed in the form of wire labels.
Note: When you see the word - Drawing in a report name, for example BOM_Itemized - Drawing (metric), it indicates the report is intended for Text on Drawing output.