OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Apply a Dimensional 3D Constraint

  1. Select the Dimensional 3D Constraint tool (Drawing > Constraints > 3D ).

  2. Select a 3D element (solid or surface).

    The selected 3D element is highlighted.

  3. Select the face, edge or vertex of the 3D element you want to constrain (reset if a face (or entity) is behind another face (or entity) until the desired one is selected).

    The selected face, edge or vertex is highlighted.

  4. Select another 3D element and then select the desired face, edge or vertex of this 3D element.

    The distance between the selected entities is displayed.

  5. Do one of the following:

    Enter a data point to accept the displayed dimensional constraint.


    Key in the desired value in the dimension box and then accept by either pressing <Enter> or entering a data point.

    Note: You can also select variables from the dimension box's drop-down list, provided you have already set variables in the Variables dialog.

    Applying a dimensional 3D constraint (between the faces of two elements)