OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Match an Image Feature to a Design File Element

  1. Select the Warp tool (Drawing > Attach > Raster > More split button).

  2. If necessary, identify the raster image.
  3. Set Method to the required setting, depending on the number of points available and the type of warping:

    Align (Move, Scale) — requires two points.

    Helmert (Move, Rotate) — requires two points.

    Similitude (Move, Scale, Rotate) — minimum of two points.

    Affine (Move, Scale, Rotate, Skew) — minimum of three points.

  4. Identify a point in the raster image.
  5. Identify the corresponding point in the design file.
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for additional points, as required.
  7. Reset to warp the image.

    Matching points in the image to points in the design (left) and the modified image (right).

    With Similitude and Affine, the image can be rotated during warping.

    CAUTION: If the image to warp has non-zero affinity, use the Similitude rather than the Affine method.