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Transverse Mercator (Very Common)

Name Transverse Mercator (very common)
Model Cylindrical
Type Conformal
Meridians Complex curves concave toward a straight central meridian

Straight central meridian intersects equator and one meridian at 90 angle

Parallels Complex curves concave towards the nearest pole
Spacing Meridian Spaced at their true distances on the straight central meridian

Spacing increases away from the tangent meridian

Spacing Parallels Spacing increases away from the tangent meridian
Linear Scale True along line of tangency OR

Two lines equidistant from and parallel to the line of tangency

Specialties Shape is true only within any small area

Enlargement of area increases away from the tangent meridian

Reasonably accurate within 15 band along line of tangency

Cannot be edge-matched in an east-west direction if each sheet has its own central meridian

Uses UTM Zones

Widespread usage by many countries throughout the world

Area of interest has a predominantly North-South extent