OpenUtilities Substation Help

Export Grounding Grid

Click to export the elements of the grounding grid to a DXF file.

Accessed from:

When you execute this command the Browse for Folder dialog displays prompting you to select the location to save the DXF file to:

Once you make your selection and click OK, Substation detects the grounding grid elements and exports them in a DXF format to the designated location. The DXF file can then be used by external analysis program to determine if the calculations for the grid are correct.

Note: Any changes that may need to be made to the grid must be done manually.

Grounding Grid Reports

Separate reports can be run on Grounding Grid components using the Run Reports dialog. The following report templates are available under the Bill of Materials (Substation) node:
  • BOM_GroundingGrid_Grouped_Qty
  • BOM_GroundingGrid_Itemized
  • BOM_GroundingGrid_Qty
Key-in: Ecad exec ExportGG