OpenUtilities Substation Help

Resynchronizing DGN File Levels with Library Levels

While a level library is attached to the open DGN file, when you place an element while the Active Level is set to a library level, the level definition is copied from the library to the open DGN file. Because the copy can be modified independently of the original, the levels can become unsynchronized. Should this happen, you may at some point decide to resynchronize them.

Administrators can limit the effects of synchronization to particular level properties by setting the configuration variable MS_LEVEL_EDIT_ATTRIBUTE_LIST .

Note: The MS_LEVEL_AUTO_SYNC_ATTRIBUTE_LIST configuration variable can be set to automatically resynchronize the level attributes (as set in the variable) of library and reference levels each time the file is opened. Library levels are synchronized from the level library while Reference levels are synchronized from their source file.
Note: When the MS_LEVEL_ALLOW_LIBRARY_LEVEL_EDIT is set, changes to the level attributes will cause the library level to be copied to the open DGN file. This allows the changes to the library level attributes to be saved in the open file.