OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Create a Context Sensitive Screen Menu

  1. Complete steps 1–10 in To Create a Simple Screen Menu.
  2. Create a named group for each group of graphic elements that should not display in a particular condition. For example, in your screen menu, you may have some graphic elements that are associated to tools that open only in 3D models. These graphic elements should not display in 2D models. In such case, create a named group and add all the 3D only graphic elements to it.
  3. In the Menu Settings dialog ( Admin > Interface > Screen Menu ), click Create a New Visibility Condition.

    The Create Visibility Condition dialog opens.

  4. Select the named group from the Named Group drop-down list.
  5. Select the named expression from the Named Expression drop-down list. The named expression that relates to the example would be Is2DModel.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Continue to step 12 in To Create a Simple Screen Menu.