OpenUtilities Substation Help

Animation Settings Toolbox

The Animation Settings toolbox contains tools for previewing and recording animations and adjusting animation settings, including global lighting, source lighting, material definitions, and element attributes.

All tools in a toolbox are not always visible by default. To see all tools, right-click in the toolbox and select Show All from the menu.

To Select in the Animation Settings toolbox
Open the Animation Producer dialog.

Animation Producer
Preview the animation and optionally add key frames.

Animator Preview
Record an animation script.

Record Script
Open the Animation KeyFrames dialog.

Animation KeyFrames
Script changes to General settings

Animate General Settings
Script changes to Global Lighting settings.

Animate Global Lighting Settings
Script changes to Source Lighting settings.

Animate Source Lighting Settings
Script changes to Material settings.

Animate Material Settings
Script element attributes.

Animate Element Attributes