OpenUtilities Substation Help

New and Changed in OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition Update 2

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition Update 2 release.

Project Manager Work Page

In previous versions of Substation, the Project Manager could not be loaded upon startup of the software. The standard Work Session Page tools had to be used to browse the file system to locate a DGN file of a project to open before the software could load the Project Manager which was not intuitive or convenient.

Now the Project Manager is displayed in the Work Session Page immediately upon startup of the Substation application. This gives you immediate access to all the Project Manager features which enable you to quickly open Projects/Drawings and create new projects. Once a drawing is opened the ribbon menu is loaded so you can begin your work. You can return to the Project Manager by selecting the File menu in the ribbon menu at any time.

Parts Database Enhancements

  • Support adding symbol attributes with null when creating/editing a part number. Previously when an attribute was added, a value need to be assigned before it could be saved. This allows the user to create the attribute and assign a value later.

New Supported DTM Formats

Substation placement tools now recognize the following formats when placing objects relative to a Digital Terrain Model (DTM)::
  • Content Capture reality mesh
  • Mesh Surface Entity
  • Terrain Model

Managed WorkSpace

  • You can now create a new Macro in Substation and save it to a selected catalog stored in a ProjectWise Managed WorkSpace.
  • You can now create a Device Family in Substation and save to a ProjectWise Managed WorkSpace.

Performance Enhancements

Improved the speed and performance of the following commands:
  • Insert Symbol by Device ID
  • Open pages from earlier projects.