OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Place a Note

  1. Select the Place Note tool.

    The Text Editor window opens if it is not already open.

  2. Select the Place Note icon.

  3. In the Text Editor window, type the text .

    If there is no text in the Text Editor window, only the leader line and arrow are placed.

  4. Enter a data point to position the terminator arrowhead or text.
  5. Enter a data point.

    If Location (Place Note dialog) is set to Automatic, this data point indicates the location of the end of the leader line and text, and ends the note.

    If Location is set to Manual, you can enter more data points to define additional vertices of the leader line. Reset to end the note.

    Place Note. Top row, from left: Text Frame set to None, Line, Box. Bottom row: from left: Text Frame set to None and Justification set to Left, Right, Dynamic with data points resulting in left-justified text, Dynamic with data points resulting in right-justified text.

    Note: You can draw multiple leaders from the same text by holding the <Ctrl> key while placing data points.