OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Add an Element to a Named Presentation

  1. Select the Named Presentations tool (Drawing > Content > Named Presentations). The Named Presentations dialog opens.
  2. Select the Set Element to Named Presentation icon.

    The Set Named Presentation dialog opens.
  3. Select the desired view(s) from the Select Views options for the named presentation.
    Note: You can add an element to more than one named presentations.
  4. (Optional) Select or deselect desired view combinations in the extended tool settings.
  5. Select the element you wish to add to the named presentation.
  6. Enter a data-point. The element is added to the selected named presentation(s).
If you wish to add another element to the same named presentation(s), select the element and enter a data point again.
Note: You can select only one element at a time.
Note: You can also add the element to a named presentation in the Properties dialog by setting the corresponding Named Presentation to True.