OpenUtilities Substation Help

Creating a Drawing with a 1:1 Border, and Scaling the Design

  1. Create a DGN file and design model, using references as required.
  2. Create a Sheet model (this can be in the same DGN file as your design geometry or in a separate DGN file). Set the Annotation Scale to 1:1 (Full Size).
  3. To the sheet model, reference your border file at 1:1 (Full Size).
  4. In the Properties dialog, set Border Attachment to the new attachment.
  5. To the sheet model, reference views of the design model as required, at the scale at which each view is to be printed. Set nesting to the level necessary to include all required sub references.
  6. If necessary, use the Set Reference Presentation tool, in the References dialog, to change the display format for the references. You can also set the Visible Edges setting in the References dialog list box.
  7. Check that the Annotation Scale lock is enabled.
  8. In the sheet model, place text and dimensions at their required size, as required for the drawing.

    For dimensioning, Reference Scale must be enabled to ensure that reference units are used when dimensioning elements in a reference.

  9. Print the drawing at 1:1 scale.
    Note: While the Annotation Scale lock is not required in this method because the text is placed at real-world sizes, it is good practice to have it enabled. In the event that you need to change the scale of the drawing, you can quickly change the size of all text, by changing the Annotation Scale setting for the model.