OpenUtilities Substation Help

Text Editor Icon Bar

Contains the controls in the Text Editor window that modify the text formatting in the editor.

Note: Not all icons are displayed by default. To show/hide any icons, right-click the icon bar and select or deselect the required icon.
Text Style Sets the Active Text Style from a list of all available text styles.

To create a new text style, click the Open Text Style Dialog icon next to the Text Style option menu to open the Text Styles dialog.

TEXTSTYLE ACTIVE [ text_style_name ]
Open Text Styles Dialog Opens the Text Styles dialog which is used to create and modify text styles.
Revert Style

Removes text style override(s) and resets the style to its previously saved version.
Spell Check

Opens the Check Spelling dialog, which is used to spell check the text in the editor.
Insert Symbol

Opens the Symbol Inserter dialog which is used to insert symbols and create custom symbol lists.

Right-clicking a symbol and selecting Add to Favorites adds the symbol to the Favorite Symbols tab. Commonly used symbols can be inserted directly from the list in the Favorite symbols tab.

Insert Favorite

Allows you to store and reuse commonly used label text. A favorite can include a text field which is filled based on the object being labeled.

There are auto-generated favorites that appear when labeling any object that hosts a 'Custom Item'.

Clicking the icon opens a window which displays a list of favorites. The search field in the window allows you to search the favorite by its name.

Note: Use the following key-in to place a specific field out of multiple fields in the text favorite. "field_number" denotes the sequential number of the field that you want to insert.
Insert Field

Opens the Select Field Type dialog which is used to select the type of field being created.

Sets the font for the text in the editor.
Note: A red font in the font picker indicates the font was used in the file, but missing from the system.
Font Height Sets the font height in working units.
Text Foreground Color

Sets the color of the text. This control is similar to that used to set the Active Color.

If on, bolds the text in the editor.
Tip: Pressing <Ctrl+B> toggles bolding.

If on, italicizes the text in the editor.
Tip: Pressing <Ctrl+I> toggles italicizing.

If on, underlines the text in the editor.
Tip: Pressing <Ctrl+U> toggles underlining.
If on, places the text as superscript.
If on, places the text as subscript.
Justification Sets the justification of the text.