OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Construct a Mesh Element From Contours

  1. Select the Mesh from Contours tool ( Modeling > Mesh > Create ).

  2. (Optional) If you want to constrain the mesh within a boundary, select the Expand to Rectangle check box.
  3. Do one of the following:

    Press the <Ctrl> key and select each contour.


    Enter a data point and drag to use a selection rectangle.


    Press the <Alt> key and click to change to a selection line.

    If a selection set is used the set can be added to or removed from by pressing the <Ctrl> key and selecting or deselecting elements.

  4. Enter a data point to preview.

    If closed shapes are present, they are highlighted in blue.

  5. (Optional) Press the <Ctrl> key and click to select the closed shapes that should remain open.

    The selected shapes turn yellow and create a boundary.

  6. Enter a data point to construct the mesh element.