OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Place Monument Points That Associate Points on the Hard Copy With Points in the Design Plane

  1. (Optional) Place point elements (zero length lines) for reference with line weights of at least 3 using the Place Active Point tool.
  2. Open the Digitizing dialog ( File > Settings > System (PC) > Digitizing ).
  3. From the dialog's Tablet menu, select Setup.
  4. Select a monument point on the hard copy, position the tablet cursor over it, and enter a data point. Ignore the location of the screen pointer, which only lets you know that the tablet cursor is over an active area of the tablet.
  5. Move the tablet cursor into the screen partition and enter a data point in the design that corresponds to the monument point you chose in the previous step. Precision input, or snapping to a point element, if one was placed for reference, is recommended.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for additional monument points.
  7. After placing all monument points, Reset.
  8. Confirm accurate placement of the monument points by moving the cursor around the hard copy. If the monument points are correctly defined, the pointer displays in the design at points corresponding to the monument points.