OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Set a New Default Windows System Printer

  1. Save printer.pltcfg with a different name.
  2. In the Print dialog, under Printer and Paper Size, click the printer list to display the Bentley and Windows printers. You should now see two Windows printer names.
  3. Select the Windows printer you created in step 1. For example, the new Windows printer is listed as Windows printer -1.
  4. Select File > Edit Printer Driver Configuration. The Printer Driver Configuration dialog opens.
  5. On the General tab, change the Display Label from Windows printer to a string that will better describe your new printer driver configuration. A good choice would be the name of the Windows printer.
    Note: By default, the Print dialog identifies printer driver configurations by their display labels. If you prefer to see the file names instead, you can adjust this using the MS_PRINTERLIST_VISIBILITY configuration variable
  6. In the new printer.pltcfg file, add your printer's name to the Default Windows Printer Name property.
  7. Set the MS_PLT_SYSPRT_PLTFILE configuration variable to the name of your new printer driver configuration file.
With the above setup, when you select Windows driver in the Print dialog, the new printer driver configuration file will be chosen, and the printer specified in it will be the Windows system printer.