OpenUtilities Substation Help

Printer Paper Sizes

Many printers have predefined paper sizes, which are defined in the printer driver configuration file. In most configuration files, both English and metric paper sizes are provided.

While the supplied Bentley printer driver configuration files provide commonly used paper sizes, you are not limited to these. OpenUtilities Substation lets you define an unlimited number of paper sizes for a Bentley printer driver.

By default, paper sizes for a Windows driver are obtained from the Windows printer driver and/or the operating system's forms database. Most sophisticated Windows printer drivers offer their own mechanism for creating and selecting custom paper sizes. Every system printer driver is different, so you will need to consult the appropriate Windows driver's documentation for instructions on how to accomplish this. Alternately, OpenUtilities Substation permits you to define custom paper sizes for system printers in the same manner as with Bentley drivers, with some limitations. Refer to printer.pltcfg for more information on this subject.