OpenUtilities Substation Help

Fonts Configuration Variables

Configuration variables related to fonts are:

Configuration Variable Description Default
MS_SYSFONTDIR Specifies the directory with the default fonts, delivered by OpenUtilities Substation . “" $(_USTN_SYSTEMROOT)fonts/”"
MS_FONTPATH Specifies a list of directories that are searched to locate fonts. Any .RSC, .SHX, or .TTF/TTC file found in any directory in the list is loaded and/or available for use. “$(MS_SYSFONTDIR)”
MS_FONTCONFIGFILE Specifies the full path of the font configuration file. “$(MS_SYSFONTDIR)/MstnFontConfig.xml”
MS_RTCONFIG Specifies the locale for entering text. This has implications for font substitution, as well as how character layout and re-ordering is performed. Valid Values (case sensitive): English, Japanese, SimpChinese, Korean, TradChinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, or Thai “” (blank; use system locale)
MS_SYMBRSC Any fonts in RSC files contained in this variable are loaded and are available for use. “$(_USTN_SYSTEMROOT)symb\*.rsc;$(_USTN_SITE)symb\*.rsc”