OpenUtilities Substation Help

Remapping Buttons

The Button Mappings dialog is used to tell OpenUtilities Substation how you want to use the physical buttons on your mouse, digitizing tablet cursor, or input device. The dialog lists the logical buttons and the physical buttons or mouse button combinations that invoke them. For example, in the default setup, the Reset logical button is invoked (that is, the Reset action occurs) when you click the right mouse button. You can map button combinations that use:

  • A single button
  • Two mouse buttons pressed simultaneously (a button chord)

You cannot map two logical buttons to the same physical button (or button combination). In other words, you cannot assign two different actions to the same physical button. If you attempt to do so, the first logical button will be mapped to the physical button to which the second logical button was previously mapped, and the second logical button will be mapped to the physical button to which the first logical button was previously mapped; that is, the button mappings will be swapped.

There is one exception: If you remap a logical button to a physical button that was already mapped, and if the logical button was previously mapped to a button chord, the remapping occurs, the button chord disappears from the list of physical buttons, and the second logical button is mapped to a new button number, Button 16. This allows you to avoid button chords if you do not like to use them.

Note: If you remap your middle mouse button to Tentative, it will no longer be mapped to XButton 1. By default XButton 1 allows you to use the middle button to pan, dynamically rotate a view, swivel a view, and rotate a view from the cursor when you use it alone or with the <Shift>, <Ctrl>, or <Alt> key. If you have only three mouse buttons, they are mapped to Data, Reset, and now to Tentative. If you still want to pan, rotate, etc. you must map a button chord to XButton 1.

Use the Button Mappings dialog to check the button mappings on your system or to remap them.